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The Gold Collection was born from the attentive search for the ultimate yarns and workmanship, and the study of patterns that would best suit different wefts and colours.

A unique collection for the preciousness of the yarn and the shapes that will accompany in every season.

The GOLD collection: a name that encapsulates beauty and value. Knitwear and tailoring come together for the first time to create a collection of six perfectly fitting garments that can be mixed and matched in colour and style. 

GOLD synthesises excellence: a yarn born from the precious combination of organic Egyptian long-fibre cotton, the finest cashmere and the most precious silk. 

The Gold Collection Georgette Blouse is made of pure silk geogette.

Light and delicate, it will be like wearing a cloud of elegance and charm.

Each selected colour of silk (apricot, earth, cream and black) goes perfectly with the garments in the entire Gold Collection.


100% Silk

 100% Made in Italy

Georgette Blouse

  • Georgette Blouse

    Loose Fit

    Gathered sleeves 

    Mandarin collar 

    V neck

    Mother-of-pearl buttons 

    100% Silk

    100% Made in Italy


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