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Our cotton and cashmere blend is the ultimate yarn for you summer:

It’s the perfect blend between the softest cotton and the ultimate high quality fibre: cashmere.

85% Cotton 15% Cashmere, to indulge our client with the softness of our piece.

Our Clori Mini Skirt matches the Spring-Summer 2023 trend. Our best advice is to use it as a top:

It’s better not to layer garments and fabrics.

Make it the protagonist of the outfit.

Pair it to your Gilet and the Cropped Cardigan to complete your Clori set!

100% Made in Italy

All our garments are born, designed and made in Italy with 100% natural fibres. We provide the best quality with a low environmental impact.

Seven shades available: Greenlake, Buttercream, Parfait Pink, Cornflower Blue, Coral Pink, Pearl Gray, Lapis Blue.

Clori Cotton and Cashmere Mini Skirt

  • Lavorazione Maglia Rasata
    Con fascia alta in vita senza elastico per una vestibilità morbida e confortevole, capace di adattarsi al tuo corpo in modo naturale
    Leggermenete Svasata 
    85% Cotone- 15% Cashmere
    100% Made in Italy 

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