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Our cotton and cashmere blend is the ultimate yarn for your summer:

It’s the perfect blend between the softest cotton and the ultimate high quality fibre: cashmere.

85% Cotton 15% Cashmere, to indulge our client with the softness of our piece.

Our Clori Mini Gilet matches the Spring-Summer 2023 trend. Our best advice is to use it as a top:

It’s better not to layer garments and fabrics.

Make it the protagonist of the outfit.

Pair it to your Gilet, Mini Skirt and the Cropped Cardigan to complete your Clori set!

100% Made in Italy

All our garments are born, designed and made in Italy with 100% natural fibres. We provide the best quality with a low environmental impact.

Seven shades available: Greenlake, Buttercream, Parfait Pink, Cornflower Blue, Coral Pink, Pearl Gray, Lapis Blue.

Cotton Cashmere Clori Mini Gilet

  • Fisherman’s rib knitted

    Shorter on the waist

    Two flower shaped mother-of-pearl buttons

    85% Cotton 15% Cashmere

    100% Made in Italy

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