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For the Hiconic Collection we selected an exceptionally rare and precious yarn that combines all the finest natural fibers to offer you the best sensations on the skin.

Linen, Cotton, Cashmere and Silk  are perfect to be worn any time of the day.

The Capri Jumpsuit is fresh and airy: the soft and voluminous fabric give makes the outfit light and imperceptible on the skin. The texture of the Capri Jumpsuit is deliberately irregular to make the garment even more unique. The Capri Suit is made by two pieces: the Polo and the Trousers.

The Capri Polo Shirt is soft and has a slightly over fit, with sleeves that reach the elbow, and finally refined with a contrasting pattern on the collar and sleeves hem.

The Capri Trousers are lightweight and soft. The ankle lenght hem and the high-waist elastic band are refined with a contrasting pattern too.Care and attention have been paid to every detail, from the irregular ribbing, to the contrasting trim, to the workmanship of the collar and slit with deep neckline in plain knit.

The Polo and the Trousers are two garments with an unmistakable yet contemporary style made with the finest yarn we could find on the market.

Pair them together for a unique and flawless outfit or wear them separately depending on your style.

50% Linen

25% Organic Cotton

15% Cashmere

10% Silk

100% Made in Italy

Capri Jumpsuit


    Open polo shirt

    Irregular rib work

    Elbow-length sleeves

    Buttonless neckline

    Contrasting hems


    Ankle-length trousers

    Irregular rib knit

    Loose fit

    High-waist with elastic band

    Refined on the waist and hems with contrasting pattern

    50% Linen

    25% Organic cotton

    15% Cashmere

    10% Silk

    100% Made in Italy

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